MedMiner Company Models

MedMine’s library of company specific models capture business and product level transaction details allowing for monthly tracking of sales trends.

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Price discovery available for large variety of products.

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MedMiner Therapeutic Models

MedMine’s library of therapeutic models allows for analysis of various therapeutic categories across competitors.

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Custom Research

From new product launches to competitive analysis, MedMine can customize its research to meet clients’ needs.

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Management Teams

The ability to stay abreast of constantly changing market dynamics continues to be a challenge for business leaders. Changing buying patterns, driven by an evolving regulatory and payer environment, create an even greater need for real-time tracking of end market demand, the pricing environment and competitor behavior.

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Procurement Teams

MedMine’s data and services provide procurement teams with price discovery and transparency in the marketplace allowing for better contracting and overall cost savings.

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Financial Analysts

Monthly sales tracking of hospital supply products from thousands of vendors allows financial analysts to monitor intra-quarter trends. Predictive models and other forecasting tools work in concert with the data to provide further intelligence.

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Research Teams

MedMine provides research teams with timely information, exhaustive analysis and actionable insight. Our data and primary research allow research teams to focus on critical decision making with confidence.

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