About Us

Providing answers in an ever changing healthcare market.

Our goal is to create strong partnerships by providing market leading business intelligence, analytics and service to our clients.

The challenge of staying abreast of constantly changing market dynamics continues to hamper medical device and hospital supply manufacturers, as well as investors in these companies. Changing buying patterns of healthcare providers and other end-market customers, driven by an evolving regulatory and payer environment, creates an even greater need for real-time tracking of trends, the pricing environment and competitor behavior.

Providing answers in an ever changing healthcare market…

MedMine is an aggregator of medical products purchase data and a provider of healthcare analytics and informatics. We offer medical device and hospital supply companies, health plans, investors and other participants in the healthcare marketplace information and tools that enable them to make informed business decisions that unlock opportunities and provide a competitive edge. Sourced from hundreds of customers nationally, MedMine has the leading database for medical device/hospital supply procurement.

Founded in 2013 by a veteran team of healthcare professionals with several decades of experience in academia, industry and financial services, MedMine’s mission is to provide cutting edge healthcare information, data analytics and consultancy services.